YouTube star Jessie Paege recently released her second book titled Think Beyond Pink, and we spoke with her on how she sees social media as a tool to spread positivity and raise awareness on mental health.

What is it like living alone at 18?
It’s a lot harder then it seems. It can get very lonely and I have to take time to initiate plans with friends, but I have a strong foundation of friends here. Without that, I’d fall apart.

What has been your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is losing this confidence and happiness I’ve found. It’s scary because I know how miserable my life was before my new mindset.

Almost everyday you tweet confidence boosting messages on your Twitter. What is your goal in doing this?
Twitter tends to be quite negative and that negativity truly does affect yourself and your perception of the world. I think seeing positive tweets on a timeline can make a bigger impact than people think.

Have people ever put you down because of your age, that you’re too young? What’s your response?
People have been very tolerant when it comes to my age. Age is truly just a number. I get insecure sometimes when I see all my friends my age living different lives and I wonder if I’m missing out. However, I love my passion and am happy I chose this path.

How have your friends and family supported you along your journey?
My friends and family are always so insanely complimentary and I appreciate it so much. My mom convinced me to keep uploading after some kids at my school were mean to me.

Where do you see social media heading in the future?
It’s hard to say. I see so many positive influences every day and I also see others emotionally manipulating with the power they have. I think that social media will continue to grow and more mainstream celebrities will respect it.

You have worked on a couple of different acting jobs before. What was the experience like? Are you planning on doing more projects in the future?
I loved acting, but it’s so incredibly time consuming and affected my YouTube channel. It would have to be a project I absolutely am obsessed with.

Have you always been drawn to acting? What inspired you to have an acting career?
I did acting classes when I was 15 to overcome being shy with absolutely no plans to pursue it as a career.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done that forced you out of your comfort zone?
The craziest thing that I’ve done is play electric guitar on a 24 city tour. I had never even played in front of my parents because of my crippling stage fright.

2017 was a major year for you, what are your aspirations for 2018?
I would love to start doing music a lot more. I love playing electric guitar and it’s such a large part of my life. I’d love to travel more as well! Also, creatively challenging myself is always a goal.



Read more in Volume III, Issue No. 002 – Spring 2018.

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