Wolf Run Ranch was the ideal size for a festival. It was big enough to find something new to explore everyday, but still manageable and small enough to run into the same people and build new friendships. The 8 stages all created different vibes that allowed audience members to really immerse themselves into each set.

To describe this festival as unique is simply an understatement. The crowd was lively and animated more and more each day. Everyone was dancing the entire night and definitely feeding off of each other’s energy.

To describe this festival as unique is simply an understatement.

Dirty Bird fans got a special treat with Ardalan, Claude Vonstroke, and J. Philp. Ardalan and Claude left the crowd with something to talk about for the rest of the weekend after their 4 hour take over at the Dragon Stage.

Alix Perez and E Prom showed off their exuberant talent during a late night set Saturday night, you could feel the energy run through each person in the crowd. It was obvious that they knew how to keep a crowd entertained for hours.

One set that many of us were looking forward too, did end a little early. A bummer of the weekend, Hippy Sabotage were rumored to have gotten upset over some technical difficulties midway through their performance. Microphones were thrown into the pool and things got violent.

Bonobo played a set at the WTF stage that was unforgettable. This stage brought me to complete awe from all of the elements it contained. The lights and effects were some of the best that I have ever seen.  Bonobo stayed true to his style, and gave a performance that was pushing his own limits.

Late Sunday night we saw Josh Pan at the Groove Qube. We were able to go backstage and dance behind him during his entire set, he was such a chill and laid back guy. He was the ultimate hype man, building the crowds energy with his trappy beats.

One of my highlights of the weekend was the Silent Disco on Saturday night. It is unreal to get to experience something as special as dancing under the largest disco ball in the North west. Heart Beat Silent Sound Systems provided the 3 channels of DJ Sets running concurrently. You could get hyped to the upbeat funky tunes, or vibe out with others to the groovy disco melodies.

During the day, the infamous pool stage bumped groovy house and future bass music while attendees splished and splashed vibing with their new and old friends.

In the late afternoon and evening, the Effin’ and WTF stages blasted the sounds of Hermitude, Mr.Carmack and many others while the sun set over the beautiful Mt. Hood.

Bonobo played an amazing set, one of my favorites from the weekend.

Bonobo had the crowd dancing and vibing the entire hour of his set.

J.Philip played a dirty, deep acid set.

Tourist never disappoints. His lighting guy was throwing down.

Hermitude at the Effin’ Stage

Ekali threw down some trap classics along with a bunch of new unreleased tracks.

Sunset view from The Wolf River Run ranch did not disappoint.

Late into each night the Electric Forest, Dragon, Equinox and Groove Qube stages went deep and dark with experimental bass & psychedelic sounds. If you wanted a break from ground shaking bass and beats, The Silent Disco and art exhibits were the place to chill out and reflect on the days turn of events.

The Dirtiest of Birds played a funky set. 2AM to 4AM.  Ardalan had the crowd going off from 12AM-2AM

There is no way to describe the beauty of What the Festival. The vibes, the people, and the art are like no other festival. The location is jaw dropping, the staff, volunteers and security are amazing, friendly and well organized.

Every inch of the festival is thought out and well put together. What The Festival is truly a gem, and I know I will be returning year after year.

Photos and words by Jack Anderson

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