With flawless alt-pop melodies and hypnotizing lyrics, VÉRITÉ is taking over the music world, and she’s putting out music you will find yourself coming back to time and time again. If you like the sounds of Halsey or Ellie Goulding, you will love her style. We luckily had the chance to ask her a few questions. When asked about the cool, electronic vibe of her new album, Somewhere in Between, she said, “I wanted to create a sonic landscape that could be dynamic and driving and create a distinct world. We layered electronic and live instrumentation, dark synths and heavy percussion. I wanted the music to compliment and compete with the content of the songs.” I gave the album a listen for myself, and I felt myself blissfully drowning in the silky vocals and deep emotion. VÉRITÉ cut herself open for this album and dove headfirst into the pool of human feeling. To her, writing music is “a process where [she] can subconsciously work [her] shit out.” I personally have major respect for women who put their emotions out there and let you do with them what you will. They don’t extend apologies for it, and they stay true to the path they are blazing. And this is exactly the reason VÉRITÉ is a prime example for our theme of revolution.

In a day of online beauty contests and dying originality, VÉRITÉ is setting social expectations aflame. She has worked with some of the industry’s top producers such as Tim Anderson and Liam Howe, who have worked with artists such as Twenty One Pilots and Lana Del Rey, but she doesn’t use that as a ticket for success. She’s earning her own place in the forefront of music. When I asked her about working with big names, she replied with, “Working with them is the same as working with lesser known producers. It’s not about the name or credits. Working with producers is about sharing a mindset and vision. I’ve been lucky to have amazing people work on this album.” This passion and work ethic is apparent in her success, with her single “Phase Me Out” having reached over 3 million streams on Spotify.

Don’t give your doubts and fears a space to thrive. Shut those thoughts out immediately. Failure is inevitable and is knowledge. Fear of failure is a waste of time.


Even with her success, she has kept a level head and an admirable independence. I asked her to brag about herself a little bit, and with humility and some slight discomfort she said, “I’m trying to show that there is a different path to success outside of selling ownership and control of your music and career. I’ve been doing it successfully enough for 3 years as an independent artist without a day job.” Not only is she an independent artist, she is a female independent artist. The work force is notorious for passively attempting to weed out strong females, but this woman is not budging, and Pulse Spikes stands behind her through it all. I highly suggest you turn on this album and fully allow yourself to sink into the deepest parts of yourself. Not only is this album beautifully produced with mature technical ability and thought, it provokes thought and makes its mark.

Pulse Spikes encourages you to also be a gamechanger. Be bold. Be fearless. Make your own path in this world, and don’t listen to all the negative noise. Like VÉRITÉ, you are also capable of setting yourself apart from the crowd. I asked her for some advice for the courageous creators of this world, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. She wrote, “Don’t give your doubts and fears a space to thrive. Shut those thoughts out immediately. Failure is inevitable and is knowledge. Fear of failure is a waste of time.”


Story by Elizabeth Stafford
Photos by Anna Zhang

Originally published in Volume II, Issue No. 003 – Summer 2017.

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