Stepping into the Church of the Holy Apostles, it’s hard to imagine that it would be the location of an art expo and fashion show. Yet, this unusual setting is what really provided the individuality to The Set NYC’s event. The arches and tall pillars along with the burnt orange patterned tile floor were transformed into an art gallery with a Mediterranean and holy influence.  For the two hours, artists and art-lovers connected, as the bright church was filled with instant conversation. People who had started off as strangers quickly evolved to friends, truly embodying the power of art.  There were people of all crafts, from painters to jewelry makers to photographers, and each individual displayed remarkable work. The most important thing; however, of this event was its purpose. The proceeds of The Set NYC’s expo and show would go towards fighting child trafficking. Displaying the arts while promoting and helping  such a good cause really helped enhance the greatness of this event.

The long awaited fashion show concluded the evening, with a few models showcasing the designer Netty Davit’ashvili’s work as well as the millinery of Anne DePasquale.

The models were unlike the standard skinny, tall and similar figures usually seen in a fashion show. The models instead each possessed their unique look that stood out beautifully.

The clothes were all of different color palettes and patterns and paired together with their corresponding model was truly a work of walking art. To top off each look was an extravagant headpiece, one even being a mini orange tree and another being a simple white flower crown. This event was truly one of a kind and definitely a great artistic experience for all.

Words and Photos by Chloe Xiang

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