Meet the cast of The Misadventures of Psyche & Me, an upcoming comedic web series that explores what you wish you could say and do, featuring up-and-coming actors, a Disney star, and a YouTube sensation. While there is currently no set release date, you can catch the trailer for the series here. 

So, what is Psyche & Me?
Kemma: Psyche & Me is a comedic web series about a 19-year-old boy, Asher, struggling to learn who he is. It’s a satire and social commentary about the difference between our public and private selves. Our main character is portrayed by two different actors, one who plays his public self and one who plays out who he really is.

Kemma, I know you’re the creator of this show. How did you come up with the concept for Psyche & Me and get this all rolling?
Kemma: As an immigrant adapting to American culture, I’ve always been acutely aware of the contrast between inner me and the person I present myself to be. And somewhere in that journey, I’ve found humor in it. It’s hilarious how we say the opposite of what we mean. So, I thought, “What if I made a show where a character is brutally honest about who they are and compared that with who they act like they are?”

Your Instagram bio says, “Ever wish you could say what you really mean?” How does that play into the show?
Noah: The show centers on my character, Asher, someone who, like many of us, doesn’t feel he can be himself out of fear of losing those close to him. Through this inability to show his true feelings, we meet Asher’s psyche. Psyche, played by Kemma Filby, is a way to show the audience the dichotomy between how we present ourselves to others, and what we wish we could say.

Introduce the cast!
Kemma Filby is an Irish actress, writer, and comedian, playing the title character, Psyche. Best known for TV and online performances, Kemma will make her big screen debut this fall in the upcoming feature film Love is Not Love!
Noah Odegaard is an up-and-coming indie actor playing the protagonist, Asher. With Psyche & Me, Odegaard made his first crossover into producing.
Madison Hu, playing Jessica, hails from Disney, playing Frankie in the hit Disney Channel TV show Bizaardvark.
Amber Midthunder, playing Lizzie, is a Native actress best known for her lead role in the FX series Legion and the Oscar-nominated film Hell or High Water.
GloZell Green is a YouTube sensation, writer, and comedian! GloZell is known for Trolls, her plethora of viral videos, and her book Is You Okay?

How would you describe each character?
Noah: Asher is just someone who wants to be liked, he wants a best friend, he wants affection. He also loves a casual 5 hour Netflix binge. Psyche is Asher, just way cooler.
Kemma: Psyche’s dope because she plays by her own rules.
Noah: Jessica is the one everybody likes. She will tell you what you’re doing wrong, and you’ll love her for it.
Madison: I feel like my my character [Jessica] would be the mom of her friend group. She’s funny and excitable, but mature and responsible.
Noah: Lizzie, poor Lizzie. She is someone who is just in way over her head, she has no idea what dynamic she’s gotten herself into.

What’s the process that goes into making each episode?
Kemma: Step one is assembling a good team. You need people who can rally behind your vision. Our director, Jackie! Zhou, who recently won a MPSE for her work on Godless, is a jaw-droppingly brilliant director. She could find humor in the script that I never saw. I am confident in each episode when Jackie! Is leading the charge. After you get your team, it’s a hustle. Paperwork, casting, paperwork, scheduling, financing, budgeting, rentals, permits, more paperwork. You have to really want to make something great to endure it. There is so much back end work that no one thinks about when you’re watching a finished product.

Any crazy on-set stories?
Madison: We had a scene where we ate popcorn, and we ended up having to stop ourselves from finishing the bag— we were eating so much, so fast. it was just so good!
Noah: I remember that there were only a few minutes in the middle of the shoot day where the entire cast and crew were there, and we had to cram WAY too much in to those few minutes. Introductions, wardrobe, pictures, more wardrobe, oh now more pictures. Too much.

What are your tips for aspiring actors and actresses, or anyone who wants to go into the film and television industry?
Madison: I would say, to any aspiring actors, that there will be many no’s, but you have to keep working hard and that yes will eventually come. If you love it, don’t let anything, especially rejection, stop you!!
Kemma: Be more passionate, humble, and stubborn than everyone else. People will try to tell you what you can and can’t do but you have to claim that power for yourself.

Could you give us a little teaser for what to expect in the upcoming episodes?
Madison: The first episodes are packed with laughs and fun twists. They definitely had me laughing out loud.
Noah: All I can say is expect to laugh!

Psyche & Me is a web series. What made you choose to present the show on a digital platform? How do you think digital platforms are transforming the landscape of the entertainment industry?
Kemma: The digital landscape is like the wild west of entertainment. There are no rules and everyone is rushing to figure out how to utilize it best. Digital platforms allow shows to be dynamic and evolve without restrictions. Nowadays, shows can get made because it’s good content even if it doesn’t have a studio backer. Content creators have the power to prove themselves, create a body of work, and reach a multi-faceted demographic. It’s a truly exciting time to be in entertainment.

Lastly, when and where will we be able to watch Psyche & Me?
Kemma: As the digital landscape is ever-shifting, Psyche & Me may appear on more platforms than we think – so keep an eye out! But for now, you’ll be able to catch it on the official Psyche & Me YouTube channel!



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