For Cinco de Mayo, most of my friends were piling into apartments with Coronas or going out to the local bars for some good ole fun. As for me, I was getting rowdy with a State Champs crowd in Orlando. The crowd was certainly ready to party so that’s what the band gave us. I have seen State Champs several times, but their show never ceases to pump me up and get me going. Every member of the band was excited to be there and of course, we all were too.

Throughout the show, State Champs played a healthy mix of songs from both of their albums, “Around the World and Back” and “The Finer Things”, and even played their new single, “Slow Burn”. Almost every song had an immense amount of energy within it so the crowd was always jumping along with the beat. The band mellowed out with a couple of slower jams, but I’m a sucker for a solid acoustic song so I enjoyed the quieter moments just as much as the high-energy ones.

The band never seemed to miss a beat, and their hard work definitely shows throughout the set. The flow of songs seemed right, and nothing seemed out of place. Vocally, Derek blew me away per usual, and all the other guys were just as wonderful. Their encore was their single, “Secrets”, and I think they made the right choice with it. It left the crowd with their blood pumping and spirits high.

I honestly can’t think of any critiques with their set other than the fact they didn’t play “If I’m Lucky”, but that’s just a personal critique. So if you are ever looking for a show to throw you back to life and State Champs are in town, grab a ticket and get ready to party.

Photos and words by Elizabeth Stafford

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