Sophia Bastian is a New York City based artist who is on the rise. Her music is honest, melodic and is sure to give you some good vibes. We sat down with her and asked her a couple questions.

Do you have any musical icons who inspire you?
I’ve always really loved artist like Nina Simone. You know those artist that are listen to by every generation. It was the music that I hear growing up. And I have always admired the spectrum of things that those artists cover: politics, love, everything.

All time favorite song or artist.
Aretha Franklin, “One Step Ahead.” I listen to that song every day. It’s like my church.

What is your favorite city?
Obviously New York, New York! Although Rome is nice, if anyone wants to take me on a romantic trip to Rome, I wouldn’t say no!

An excerpt from her feature:
To many, music is a relief from the hardships of life. It is a soothing and comforting outlet which allows one to creatively release oneself. Sophia sees her music as a full expression of who she is. “I can’t write music with any sort of expectations from others in my head. I really can’t. I have to focus on the sound that I love and what I think is good.” This authenticity, which is at the core of everything Sophia does, is what makes her music so amazing. “If I had to describe my music in three words, I think they would be honest, melodic, and vibey. I need my music to be that way. There has be to something for the gut, something that stands out.” She is unwavering in the respect she has for her own music style. This is most apparent in her recently released, “Rhythm to My Heart.”



Originally published in Volume II, Issue No. 004 – Fall 2017.

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