Bretman Rock, a Hawaii native, has been taking the beauty community by storm ever since he changed his Instagram from private to public. Rock has 9.8 million Instagram followers and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. He is one of the few male beauty gurus in the industry, but that does not intimidate him in any way. We were able to get to know him a little better offline in our Summer 2018 issue!

If you know you are that bitch, then you ARE that bitch. You are an unstoppable force.

When you aren’t working, what do you like to do to relax?
I like to go to the beach, which is such a Hawaii thing to say. I love going to the gym. I’ve always been that athletic gay kid. I like going on dates with cute boys!


What are three makeup items you can’t live without?
Moisturizer, definitely! Some of these bitches be dry as fuck! You know how people ask the [desert] question? People always say powder but like you are in a fucking desert, you will be dry! Eyebrow pencils too, and a cream blush!

If you had to choose a song to describe your life what would that song be?
Lucky by Britney Motherfucking Spears

How do you decide what content to make?
My content depends on my mood; what I love about my followers is that they are willing to go with my moods. If you scroll through my Instagram, one minute I am wearing a full face of makeup and the next I am lifting weights. So it depends on my mood and what I feel like doing that day. I am always extra.

What personal qualities do you think are most important to being successful?
I think the number one quality that a person needs to have in order to be successful is self trust and to love yourself. You cannot hate yourself when you want to be successful because, girl, you will just doubt yourself the whole way. If you know you are that bitch, then you ARE that bitch. You are an unstoppable force. Everyone needs to realize that they are unstoppable once they figure out who they are. And it takes time, but as long as you are confident with who you are now, then that is who you are!



Read more in Volume III, Issue No. 003 – Summer 2018.

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