With over 4 million YouTube subscribers, 24-year-old Megan Nicole is taking the world by storm. From her quirky style to her positive upbeat music, she has dominated the music scene. While on her rise to fame, Megan has collaborated with designers such as Julie Mollo, made hit music videos, and released two EPs, her most recent being My Kind of Party. Her new EP contains songs that embodies Megan’s pop music style. Anyone and everyone can enjoy Megan’s fun-filled lyrics that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Megan gave us some insight into the creation of her EP and the evolution of her music career in our recent interview. 

I love every moment I get to create and pursue something I really do love.

Growing up, who were some of your singing inspirations?
Stevie Wonder was one of my favorite artists to listen to growing up. I still love listening to his music. Maroon 5 was another, as well as Michelle Branch.

Was there a defining moment when you knew you wanted to create music?
I was 15 when I knew music was what I wanted to pursue. I learned four basic chords on the guitar and began writing songs with just that. I always say something clicked at that moment when I began to create. It all made sense to me what I wanted to do.

Did you grow up in a musical household? Does anyone else in your family sing?
My dad played saxophone. I have memories of him coming home from work some days and picking it up and playing. My sister will sing sometimes, but no one else really does. I think that’s what made it surprising to my family at first that I wanted to pursue music!

What made you decide to share your music on YouTube?
My dad encouraged me to post my first video. So, go dad for helping me make that first jump! I was out playing open mic nights and had some gigs at restaurants before I ever posted a video. It became such an amazing way to reach out to an audience I would’ve never had by just playing locally.

Did you ever picture having the massive audience of over four million subscribers on YouTube?
Not at all, but at the same time I worked really hard to grow my channel at the start. I was very consistent so it didn’t happen from just sitting in my room. It’s so insane that such a number of people who took their time to say “Hey, I like what you do and want to see more videos from you.” That’s pretty cool.

Do you have any advice for other young YouTubers or music artists that are just getting started?
First, I would say make sure you are doing something because you love it. I’ve had people tell me that they want to be a YouTuber because they want to be famous, but the love of what you do is what drives you. Don’t be afraid to try new things and explore when it comes to creating music. And always stay honest to who you are, and have fun with what you do!

Don’t be afraid to try new things and explore when it comes to creating music. And always stay honest to who you are, and have fun with what you do!

Tell us about your recent mini album “My Kind of Party.” How would you describe the sound of the album?
It’s feel good pop with a little bit of 90’s and funk music sprinkled in. I wanted this mini album to be carefree, but at the same time, share some stories that I hope other people can relate to.

What’s the inspiration behind the album?
Each song was inspired by different moments in my life and even the lives of my friends. For example, “Favorite One” was inspired by an on and off again relationship one of my best friends was in. “Checklist” was written in tongue-in-cheek manner about dating being difficult and a time I was wanting to find a great relationship to be in.

Do you have a favorite song off of your new EP? Which is it and why?
I think my favorite is “Clueless.” It’s simple, but I think it also captures the frustration you can feel when you don’t want to be the first one to put your heart on the line, because you aren’t sure how the other person feels about you. Even as an adult I found myself in a situation like that. I was in this weird limbo, feeling clueless if I would be more than friends with this guy. That guy later became my husband, so I guess you can say it all worked out.

How your music evolved from your EP Escape to your recent EP My Kind of Party?
“Escape” was a little more about self discovery. It represented the time of my life I was in. I was also so focused on using real instruments for everything on that EP, where this latest project I was open to adding more electronic elements and playing with more vocal effects.

It looked like so much fun shooting the “My Kind of Party” music video! What was it like on set?
Oh my gosh, it was such a blast to shoot the music video. It was a small crew and low key which was cool. It’s always so cool seeing these images you only have in your mind for a while come to life.

What was the songwriting process like for this album? Was your mindset different?
I wasn’t writing with a goal of releasing them collectively. Just after a while there seemed to be a group of songs that stuck out to me, and told a story that I liked. There was a little more freedom in writing just to write instead of feeling confined to this one idea.

Do you think of yourself as an inspiration or role model since so many young women look up to you and you have such a big following?
I do keep in mind that young women look up to me and always want to encourage them and remind them to love who they are. I want to see more and more young women continue to chase their dreams and change the world.

You’re known for your quirky, cute style, and you recently collaborated with designer Julie Mollo to launch your “Confetti Heart” collection! Can you tell us how that came to be?
Julie and I have been working together for 4 years now on outfits for tours and events so it just made sense that we finally collaborated on a line together. It’s great working with someone who is a friend and who isn’t afraid to try crazy things, like putting confetti in a vinyl skirt.

Do you hope to do more fashion collaborations in the future?
I would love that. There are still many ways I would love to expand, but everything does take time and money. So it’s all little steps at a time while keeping the big dreams in mind.

What was your favorite part of the design process and what did you learn about it that you didn’t know before?
I think my favorite part was choosing the fabric we worked with. We had to be smart, and we both gravitated towards vinyl for these first round of items. We also collaborated a lot through Skype and FaceTime because Julie is based in New York while I’m in LA. One moment in the creative process I go back to was when we were brainstorming and I had this idea for a bag to be shaped a certain way and to be made out of certain material. Then, Julie looked at me like I was crazy and she just laughed and I quickly assumed there was a reason that it would be way more difficult to create that I thought. That’s why one of us is actually a designer for a living. I just help bring the other half of the crazy ideas and Julie helps guide that.

What is a milestone that you have not yet achieved but hope to achieve in your music career?
I want to have a song reach the Top 10 on Billboard. That’s a big one.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I would love to be writing more for other artists. It would be cool to still be creating in that way. I would love Confetti Heart Collection to be a well known name, and have some movies under my belt.

What was tour life like? Did you enjoy it?
I absolutely loved it and think back to how fun those moments were. Being able to travel to so many places, try some amazing food, meet some great people, it was the best. I looked forward to touring more.

Do you have any plans for an upcoming tour?
Looking to play a lot more locally and then look at getting out more after that! Also, I still keep putting out into the world that I want to play in Japan. I would love to see that happen.

If there was one thing you wish you had known about the music industry, what would it be?
That some days it will love you and other days they want something new. It’s a constant rollercoaster, but I’m still staying on the ride. I love every moment I get to create and pursue something I really do love.



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