First of all, how excited/nervous are you for Pitch Perfect 3 to hit theaters? What kind of thoughts and emotions are running through your head about it?
I’m super excited for the movie! I don’t think I’m nervous. Just maybe about my mom coming out for the premiere. I’m doing everything I can to make it a special night for HER. Same thing happened when my dad and stepmom came for the last premiere, Pitch Perfect 2. I love sharing these experiences with my friends and family. It’s what makes it fun for me. To see it through their eyes, you know? There are a lot of emotions going through my head. Mainly because the girls and I have gotten so close over the years. We were legitimately crying while filming our final performance.

What similarities and differences do you have with your character, Flo?
I think Flo and I can be very sarcastic at times. We share that, for sure. But, I’m a lot lighter and more positive where Flo is more serious and darker. I think Anna Kendrick said I was the one who was least like my character. She might be right.

Has there been any personal growth you’ve gained through doing these movies? If so, give us a little insight into that.
Definitely. I think I’ve gained a lot of confidence in doing these films. I’ve always been a girl’s girl but being in these movies, where all the leads are women; something not typical in Hollywood, has been really inspiring. I’m even more motivated to bring more stories about women to the big and small screen. Specifically, for Latina women.

Arm yourself with knowledge.

How do you think you are paving the way for Latin women within the entertainment industry?
As an actress, your job is to bring a character to life and make sure people buy it. The story is written for you and you imagine the parts that aren’t. The way we can effect more change is behind the camera. Writing the story and contributing to the creative. That’s why I began writing and have been creating and starting to develop projects. In doing that, I’m hoping to create more opportunities for Latinas in the industry.

Our country is in a weird place, and it has been more important than ever to stand up for what you believe in. How do you find the confidence and courage to use your voice?
The alternative is literally nuclear war. Which is like the worst-case scenario like… ever. What gives me confidence and courage is knowledge. The more you know, the better prepared you are to handle these difficult times. Arm yourself with knowledge.


In general, what are some causes or charities you are super passionate about?
Oh my gosh. I divide my time with a few things. I love working with kids and the arts so I’ve been volunteering with Young Storyteller for years. Another local charity I work with is PATH. They work to help homeless people find permanent homes. I especially work with young mothers who would otherwise find themselves on the streets with their young child. Internationally I started working with Days For Girls. They provide hygiene care for girls in third world countries that would otherwise miss school days every month due to their mensuration. They don’t have the resources we have. They can’t go to a grocery store and pick up pads or tampons. It’s insane the things we take for granted. The work they are doing is incredible and I’m hoping to work more with them in the new year.

What other women within the Latin community do you look up to?
So many! I particularly look up to the women who are creating too. Eva Longoria is directing a ton now and I also admire how active she is politically. I would love to shadow her one day. That’s not like stalking, that’s something people say when they want to learn from a director. Promise! Jennifer Lopez is just an all around force of nature. In Hollywood and in the music business. Her passion and tenacity is something I greatly admire.

What’s your life motto?
Be kind and work hard, the rest will follow.

Be kind and work hard, the rest will follow.


In terms of fashion, what’s your go-to confidence statement piece?
I always feel cooler when I wear an awesome leather jacket.

Lastly, what legacy do you want to leave behind?
Not sure yet. I’m still figuring it out. Come back to me on that in a few years.

Catch Chrissie in Pitch Perfect 3 – in theatres December 22nd!



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