Neck Deep and Pierce the Veil @ Jannus Live on October 9th

One day in my junior year of high school, I heard of a Pierce the Veil show going on in my town. It had apparently sold out in just a couple days, but I was determined to go because it was going to be one heck of a show. I ended up getting a ticket a few hours before the show. By myself, I headed into the crowd to see if this band was as good as everyone said. Not even halfway through the show, I was in love. Pierce the Veil has been one of my favorite bands since.

When they announced a tour with Neck Deep, another one of my favorite bands, I almost fell over I was so excited. I had seen both bands previously a few times. Separately, they are phenomenal. Together, I wasn’t sure if the Tampa area could handle the riot that was going to break out. I was honestly nervous driving over because I always get major butterflies when going to shows I am excited for. As soon as I stepped in the venue, my mind raced back to meeting Pierce several years ago and seeing Neck Deep last year. My hands started sweating with those thoughts as I stepped into the press pit.

Neck Deep played after the opener, I Prevail, warmed the crowd up. As soon as they took the stage, I felt the energy in the crowd soar. Pop punk has always had a soft place in my heart, and I was so happy while listening to them. They played a solid mix of new and old stuff and maintained a great level of energy the entire time. I have always been impressed by how well they play live, especially with all the running and jumping around they do. They ended with “Can’t Kick Up the Roots” and left the crowd in a chaotic mess, perfect for Pierce.

As I re-entered the pit for Pierce, the crowd’s chanting picked up, and I could sense nerves being pushed to the edge. People were ready. And as usual, PTV was ready to impress. They opened up with a few new singles and then threw it all the way back with “Caraphernelia”. Immediately, I felt like I was back in high school again. As the show continued on, I could tell they couldn’t even miss a beat if they tried. Time after time, they never failed to impress me with their stage presence and performance. The band’s charisma and synchronized actions really show along with the raw talent of each member. Pierce the Veil has always been on the top of my list when it comes to live shows, and they further proved my opinion with their show.

Words & Photos by Elizabeth Stafford

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