Periphery – House of Blues Dallas – 8/7/16

Shortly after releasing their album “Periphery III : Select Difficulty” on July 22nd, the band hit the road, embarking on the ‘Sonic Unrest’ tour accompanied by Sikth, Chon and Toothgrinder. The tour stopped at 30+ cities across the US & Australia combined.

When arriving to the venue, ‘Toothgrinder’ wasted no time and kicked off the night with “Diamonds for Gold” from their album “Nocturnal Masquerade” which was released early in the year. They executed their performance with enough energy to set the mood for the remainder of the night.

The band ‘Chon’ had the crowd head banging in seconds to “Splash” from their album “Grow”. Their heavy instrumental tendencies and jazzy/progressive rock mix of style was what stood out the most. Performing with no vocals worked alright because the groovy guitar riffs made up for them.

Two hours in, London based band, Sikth, who are on their first ever U.S. tour with Periphery, pleased the crowd with a great performance. Vocalist Mikee Goodman jumped all over the stage exuding passion and his voice could be felt throughout the venue. It is truly an electric sight that will have you engaged!

Periphery finally entered the stage with a drastic decrease in lights, the change which drove the crowd crazy. While starting with “Marigold” from Select Difficulty, the audience broke out in crowd surfs, sing alongs, and just let loose for the night.

Periphery featured their broad melodies and palm-muted, low pitch guitar sounds, and even showcased a instrumental trio including Misha Moonsoor, Mark Holcom, and Adam “Nolly” Getwood, which were all on guitar. The band continued with songs like “Flatline” and “Motormouth” which the fans seemed to soak up and really love.

The night came to an end, and the audience became less and less excited to see Periphery go. They thanked their fans for the support and the love, and walked off stage. Periphery unfortunately couldn’t meet fans without the V.I.P passes because of time and safety, but later posted a huge thank you on social media while driving to their next city.

Overall, It was a great show with great talent, great people, and a great atmosphere – a community where you know you won’t feel misplaced. The night was never in silence, and every performance outdid the previous. This is something you won’t want to miss. I would say a progressive rock concert is a must for all you music lovers, and Periphery is a special way to start you off.

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Words and Photos by Alexsey Reyes


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