Every time I see a new artist live, I always go in expecting something new, something I’ve not experienced before, and Melanie Martinez helped me do just that.

When entering the venue of one of her shows, there are cute costumes and Cry Baby outfits galore and all of her fans, or “Cry Babies” as she calls them, are super genuine and welcoming, filling the room with good vibes and compliments…as well as massive amounts of fan girling.

The show was BEYOND sold out, which made for an extremely energetic and hype filled crowd. At the start of the concert there was a lot of tension in the room, as people were pushing and shoving one another to try and make room in the overcrowded venue, but as soon as the lights dropped and the covers were taken off of Melanie’s set, the positive energy filled the room once again with the anticipation of everyone seeing the artist they came to sing along with and admire so much.

As the stage lights glowed dimly, the sound of a crying baby started to play, along with the sound of music from a baby mobile on top of the giant crib center stage. After about thirty seconds of sound effects, the intro to Mel’s song “Cry Baby” began to play, and out popped Melanie Martinez from the giant crib; the crowd went absolutely wild!! Melanie quickly opened the front of the crib in which she had emerged from and walked down the now ramp that the side of the crib made, in her long flowing satin pink gown and pink go-go boots. She danced around the stage with boundless energy, all while still sounding absolutely flawless. In between songs, she sounded a little shy and nervous introducing the next title, but it was nothing short of adorable. The entire room was singing every single word to every song, and Mel’s smile never once left her face.

Toward the end of the show, she became a bit more intimate with the audience, telling them how much she loves and appreciates them. She closed out the show with her song “Cake”, which was amazing considering that song is rarely performed live, so it definitely felt like a treat. She left the stage, blowing everyone kisses and saying, “I love you! I love you! I love you!”, but the chants of “Mel-an-ie” from the audience didn’t keep her away for too long. Melanie returned just moments later asking, “is it okay if I sing just one more for you?!”, of course, the crowd replied with cheers and screams of excitement and mixed versions of, “yes, please!!”, she then performed her song “Mad Hatter” to officially close out the night, and left the stage with the biggest smile on her face and more words of appreciation for her audience.

I say, if you’re looking for a new type of show to experience besides your typical boy band or metal heads, head banging and moshing, definitely check out one of Melanie’s shows, because she definitely knows how to entertain a crowd and keep everyone engaged and wanting more. You feel like all of your worries sort of melt away and you’re given a sense of nostalgia watching her perform not only because of her set, but the sound and vibes of her music, there’s just a classic, but eerie feeling to it all, and it’s just a very new and very interesting (in the best way possible) experience.

Photos and words by Ashly Nicole


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