Hey guys, my name is Jaden Michael. I am a young actor from New York City. I have been acting since the age of three. My latest work is a film called Wonderstruck directed by Todd Haynes with Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams. Wonderstruck, the movie, is based off a book by Brian Selznick with the same title. It is about two deaf children from two different time periods, one in 1977 (named Ben) and one in 1927 (named Rose). The two children run away to New York City to find a place to belong. I play Jamie a young boy from 1977 whose father works at The American Museum of Natural History. My character spends his summers in the museum where he meets Ben (played by Oakes Fegley) and helps him with his journey. It was a great experience to work on this set because we actually shot in The American Museum of Natural History. We were able to run around the museum late into the night and check out some of the secret rooms.

My mom started me in the business at the age of two where I did my first modeling gig for Sean John. Shortly after she says she felt that I had something to offer to the camera, that I was very talkative and outgoing. I have been with Shirley Grant Management since I was three, but as I got older my mom would frequently ask me if I wanted to continue working as an actor. I loved it then, and I have continued to love it. I knew this was what I always wanted to do when I worked on the CBS television show NYC 22. Robert De Niro was the executive producer and Stephen Gyllenhaal directed the episode. I was six and turned seven years old during production, and I will never forget that experience. I love changing into different characters and discovering people, their emotions and body language. I love telling people’s stories and co-creating characters and situations with my peers. Acting is about storytelling and letting the audience experience the life of someone. I love being behind those emotions that the audience may feel. Eventually, I would like to be an Oscar winner and work with Wes Anderson, Harrison Ford and Michael Bay. Those are some of my dreams.



Originally published in Volume III, Issue No. 001 – Winter 2018.

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