Collaborating with top DJs such as DJ Snake and touring with artists such as Ed Sheeran, Lauv has worked hard to be where he is today. His single, “I Like Me Better”, stole the hearts of many and he’s been making his way up ever since. His lyrics are raw and honest, speaking deeply about love and heartbreak. He’ll have you smiling and crying all with one listen of his music. With LA style and a sweet personality, Lauv won me over in no time.

Alright, so I know we have to keep this short and sweet, but I’ll ask one fun question to get us rolling! So, Avengers is the hot thing right now. As you probably know, Thor has the ability to summon his hammer from wherever he is. What’s one thing you would summon from wherever you are?
A chicken parm sandwich. A toasty, fresh chicken parm sandwich.

Wow, these past few years have been an absolute rollercoaster for you, but let’s go back to your roots. I read a little bit on you, and I found you studied music technology. How did studying something like this affect your approach of writing and producing music?
I think sometimes it helps, and sometimes it gets in the way. A lot of the artists I respect are classically trained, but there are a lot that have no idea what they are doing, and their work is all based on feeling. Sometimes I think the best work is when you have no idea what you’re doing and base things on feeling. I think the brain can get in the way.  

I also found, correct me if I’m wrong, that things like relationships and breakups have fueled a lot of your songs. These are obviously vulnerable moments so how have you turned these moments into beautiful tools to use?
I have never thought about it as a tool, I guess. I think most songs I have written are me coming to terms with my subconscious. Like, “I Like Me Better” is about the beginning of a relationship. A lot of my songs are about hard times in a relationship or when you don’t want to admit something that is true.

Last year, you toured a bit with Ed Sheeran. He’s obviously this sort of god in the music world. What kinds of things were you able to pick up and learn from him you carried into your own career?
He’s one of the few examples of people who are incredibly genuine and aren’t trying to be anything else but are still so successful in music. There’s so much focus on having a specific brand or presenting yourself a certain way. There’s also a lot of cutthroat-ness and competition in the music industry. He’s just a great dude, great musician, and great performer. That’s what it’s about.

Then looking at going from opening for Ed Sheeran to having your own tour this year, what kinds of things were you not prepared for or have taken you by surprise?
One of the first shows, I had a glitch on my guitar pedal, and it sounded like we were in the matrix. I almost had a meltdown, but people didn’t notice from the crowd. I’ve learned to roll with the weird shit that happens in a show and make it fun. I think that’s the best, most human stuff—when things go wrong.

I’m sure you don’t have as much time to relax and enjoy the festival like some people, but how has your Hangout experience been so far? What are you looking forward to during your set?
Sweaty. But it’s been really nice. I live in LA, but I never make it to the beach. Playing a stage on the beach is cool, and I am really excited for that. I’m excited to see The Killers tonight, talk about legendary.

Looking into the future, what are some goals you’re currently working on that you could maybe share with us?
I’m finishing up some new music that will be coming out very soon. I’m back in the studio writing and recording more. I also just announced my fall headline tour, but I am going to be announcing more dates. And hopefully I can get that power to summon a chicken parm.

You were featured on DJ Snake’s “A Different Way.” What’s the process like on your end being featured on another DJ’s song?
It can be different depending on the situation, but that one was cool because there was so much back and forth. I actually didn’t even meet Snake until we shot the video. I was recording in my house in LA and sending him stuff, and he would tell me what to change and fix. I’m sure he was playing crazy festivals all over the world.

What’s been one moment in your career that you stepped back and thought, “This is exactly what I should be doing”?
There are two moments. One was definitely when I found out I was going to be touring with Ed Sheeran. I was literally just sweating my ass off on a run when I got a call from my manager saying, “Do you want to go on tour with Ed Sheeran?” The second moment would be the first time I saw my lyrics tattooed on a fan. I got flustered when they showed me, and I didn’t know what to say. It was one of those moments that made it real.

Hypothetically, you’re in the crowd at your own show. What’s one thing you want to see from you or one thing you hope is noticed or experienced?
I want to see some whacky inflatables in the crowd. I’m also trying to cry.



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