I was a shy child; I guess reserved would be the word. I loved school and sports but something within me wasn’t being fulfilled. At a young age I saw the movie My Girl and it sparked an interest in show business no one saw coming. My parents allowed me to give it a go, perhaps because they wanted me to break out of my shell…even just a little bit.

After taking classes, doing background work, and Canadian commercials, I finally booked my first speaking role. It was on a children’s series called Goosebumps. I was rather excited because I watched the show, however, I was even more terrified I would fail.

I wound up learning so many crucial lessons during my first real job as an actor, including that my job entailed strange hours, professionalism was of the utmost importance, and there would be joy and criticism. It involved focus, determination, struggle and love.

I can’t recall a specific moment I decided to make this insane world my career, I just knew it was a strange, scary passion. Perhaps that passion stems from having the opportunity to be ‘someone else?’ Perhaps the passion comes from being able to tell others’ stories? Perhaps it’s merely being able to express things I don’t normally express in my personal life?

However, you can’t have passion without sacrifice. The toughest part of this business for me would have to be the unknown, the ups and downs of work, or no work. One job is done and you don’t know if the other will come. It’s a constant hustle, and it’s difficult never being in one place long enough to truly settle. Having a ‘thick skin’ (as they say) is a necessity in show business. Thick skin I do not have, my friends!

Most recently, I filmed Jigsaw, a continuation of the Saw franchise. Jigsaw (comes out on October 27) is the eighth Saw film and picks up a decade after the original. Jigsaw keeps the previous Saw traditions alive, however, it has a new spin on the psychological toll it takes on the victims and definitely inserts some humour, which sets it apart from the previous films.

I was lucky enough to have a meeting with our two Jigsaw directors, Michael and Peter, during their auditioning process. We hit it off! I was already a fan of their previous work and am a fan of the horror/psychological thriller genre. It seemed like a no-brainer. Saw is one of the largest horror franchises and I was thrilled to be a part of it. I play ‘Anna,’ a woman the audience is sure to root for. Anna is first met in one of the traps, and she doesn’t feel she deserves to be there. I can’t say much more about Anna, but I can say she will piss a lot of people off. I am excited for fans of the original films to see Jigsaw but also hope we gain a new audience, a new generation of Saw fans.


Written by Laura Vandervoort
Photos by Robert Sebree

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