In a world of quick fix diets and Instagram likes, health and wellness have become difficult worlds to navigate. It’s a constant comparison game mixed with emotions of frustration and guilt for many women, but Hannah Bronfman is breaking through as a top health and wellness enthusiast as the founder of HBFIT, influencing women around the world with her new book, Do What Feels Good. Bronfman brings you back to the basics of doing what feels right for your body, and shows us how even in her chaotic world of business, fun, and hard-hitting workouts, she finds time to properly treat herself.


One thing I loved about her book is that it doesn’t focus on a specific group of women. It’s a book for any woman, no matter her shape, size, background, or health journey. Whether you’re in the best shape of your life or are just starting to hit the gym, Bronfman offers wonderful advice and even greater encouragement. I asked her why it was so important to appeal to all women, and she answers, “I think it’s important to realize all of our imperfections are exactly what they are intended to be, and that’s what makes us beautiful and unique. There’s so much in social media and other media that show a very specific portrayal of the ‘ideal’ body type without being inclusive and realizing beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. They should all be celebrated.”

Whether you’re looking for a new skin care routine, a better look into nutrition or just want to feel stronger, you’ll want to pick up Bronfman’s book. I definitely found some yummy recipes and DIY masks that I’ll be pampering myself with on the weekends. No matter what you get out of the book, Bronfman stresses that it’s important to hone into what your body needs and to celebrate what your body can do. If there’s no celebration in what you’ve done, there won’t be any confidence to do something even greater.


Bronfman’s journey into health and wellness wasn’t necessarily kick-started by the best of circumstances. Her grandmother suffered from anorexia, and personally, Bronfman had many late nights and burnt out days while DJing after college. She tells us, “I woke up one morning and realized that that sort of lifestyle was not sustainable. I needed to get back to the things that made me feel good, like leading an active lifestyle and being mindful.” Bronfman set out to lead a happy and healthy life while also encouraging others to plunge into the journey alongside her.

Between balancing a new book, events, becoming an Adidas ambassador, and running a business, Bronfman is constantly on the go. Her switch never seems to turn off. However, no matter what, she finds time to focus on her wellbeing. It can be difficult to do this for ourselves, especially in a world that encourages a constant grind mentality. As discovered by Bronfman and so many others, self-care is what keeps us going and performing well in all aspects of our life. As a lover of taking time for herself, she shares, “I think a self-massage is a huge thing you can do for yourself that is wellness-oriented. Take time to focus on your body and thank it.” Take some time today to go on a run, sleep an extra hour, put on a facemask, or walk around the neighborhood. Bronfman reminds us that self-love is actually one of the least selfish things you can do!


No matter where you are in your health journey, take some time to look through Do What Feels Good, and then actually get back to doing what makes you feel good. Many women, like Bronfman, have started wonderful conversations built around wellness, and it’s important to continue them with our own journeys. Bronfman tells us that she loves that no matter what industry or life you are involved in, wellness can be a factor. Let’s all bond over thanking and treating our bodies instead of competing over them.




Photographs from the book DO WHAT FEELS GOOD: Recipes, Remedies and Routines to Treat Your Body Right. Copyright © by Hannah Bronfman. Published on January 8, 2019 by Harper Wave, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Reprinted by permission.

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