Gracie Dzienny is a 21-year-old actress currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She’s come a long way since age 5, when she won a L’Oréal modeling contest. Now, she is a rising actress. Dzienny has an impressive resume: she was Amanda McKay in Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas, Stacy Dover on NBC’s State of Affairs, Greer Danville on Freeform’s Chasing Life, and is currently part of the main cast in season 3 of CBS’s Zoo as Clementine Lewis. Dzienny has a bubbly personality and is extremely talented–part of why she’s a rising star in Hollywood.

Pulse Spikes had the opportunity to interview Gracie Dzienny. If you want to see more of Dzienny, make sure to tune in to Zoo on Thursdays at 10/9PM Central on CBS!

I understand that you were the youngest on set quite frequently. How did this affect your experience as an actress?
I mean, I’ve been on set with adults since I was fifteen so I had to grow pretty fast. Age doesn’t seem to be a factor when you’re working. Everyone’s working the same long hours, everybody has the same interests, everybody’s working really hard to make this show, so it doesn’t really seem to be a big factor.

What criteria or aspects of a television show drew you into auditioning?
I mean, I was obsessed with Hannah Montana when I was little. I just wanted to be Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana was my first concert and I threw up because I was so excited. So, can Hannah Montana be my answer? (laughs) Who didn’t want to be Hannah Montana? She lives the best of both worlds! (laughs)

Which character that you have played so far do you think you relate to most?
I think Greer. Maybe Greer Danville on Chasing Life. She was goofy and I’m pretty goofy. She wears a lot of pink and I’m wearing an all pink outfit right now.

You are on the main cast for Zoo season 3. What should viewers look forward to or expect from you both as an actress and as Clementine Lewis, your character.
Clementine is ten years older and ten times more mysterious. Since we’ve only seen her as a ten year old, it’s been really fun to develop the character. She kicks butt and she’s just really passionate and driven and has a plan. Her passion is so strong it brings everyone else in to join her mission, which is pretty cool. So, she’s a really fun character to play.

How do you get into your role or character?
I think she has this pair of shoes that I always wear; they’re these gray, lace-up boots and when I put those on, I’m just ready to go!

What are some relationships, such as friends or role models, that you were able to create on set?
Kristen has been like a big sister to me. She’s looked after me since day one, so that’s been awesome. And, Billy–I was a little scared of him at first, but he’s a total sweetheart and the more I got to know him, he was so great and so kind and has always looked after me. Since I am the youngest on set, everyone’s always kinda had my back and is always checking in on me and making sure I’m doing okay because I’m also the newbie and we’re shooting in Vancouver, and I was living in a new country. We always look out for each other.

Looking on your social media, you have a lot of cute outfits. How would you describe your style?
I think I would describe my style as what I steal from my sister’s closet usually. My sister is my style icon. I go to her whenever I need a cool outfit. I also love Instagram and scrolling through and screenshotting my favorite things. My best friend Ciara and I go back and forth a lot in screenshotting. We like save them and then when we go shopping, we’re like “I want something like this.” Also, it’s just that I’ve never been into the very typical fashion in that sense. Growing up, everyone wore Abercrombie & Fitch and I showed up to the first day of school in camo shorts and some suspenders (laughs). I guess I’ve always kind of walked a fine line when it comes to fashion because it’s fun and it’s expressive.

Where is your favorite place to act? Where is your favorite place in the world?
I’ve only had to shoot in Vancouver and Pittsburgh before. Everything else, I’ve always shot in L.A. I think I spent a lot more time in Vancouver than in Pittsburgh, so I’m gonna go with Vancouver. It’s a really beautiful city. For the whole world, I don’t know if I’ve discovered it yet. I just started travelling outside the country and I haven’t checked any of the places off my list yet. 

What message do you have for people who want to become an actor or actress but are too scared to try?
My grandma says, “never venture, never live.” So, you have to get out there and try it if you’re passionate about it–you have to have a fire and a drive for it. If it’s your passion go for it. No one’s stopping you but yourself.

If it’s your passion go for it. No one’s stopping you but yourself.

How do you stay motivated and focused?
I love picking an actor or actress and going through their entire career and watching all their movies and seeing where they started and following their journey. That always inspires me.

Photos by Martina Tolot
Styling by Monty Jackson
Hair by Ryan Richman
Makeup by Jenna Kristina
Story by Haeri Kim

Read Gracie’s feature in Volume II, Issue No. 003 – Summer 2017.

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