Froy Gutierrez has grown from being the “strange kid in the playground that would come up with weird fantasies and act them out” to a real, working actor. The Dallas native has now starred in the popular show Teen Wolf.

Froy’s journey to get to where he is today has not been entirely linear. Growing up, Froy was always interested in film and acting. Still, he decided not to fully pursue it and went to college to study economics. Froy’s journey closely resembles that of one of his idols: Brit Marling. “I’m a huge fan of Brit Marling (she did The OA on Netflix) because she writes, produces and stars in all of her art. She went to Hollywood after working for Goldman Sachs for two year, similar to me, I was actually in college studying economics before I began acting. She quit her job and moved to LA like I did. She got to Hollywood and was so tired of doing the same roles of like crying wife and helpless woman so she took pen to paper. She literally went to the local library and read about producing and screenwork. She took her career into her own hands, which is something that I’m really try to do. I’m really big on writing as well as acting, I’m trying to get into producing this year.” Froy, only 19 years-old, is not afraid to push his boundaries and experiment with his art. This drive and innovation is what landed him the role of Nolan on the final season of Teen Wolf.

Meet Froy in our latest issue.

If you could make any movie which one would you make?
I would love to do a movie version of Mr. Robot!

If you had to describe yourself in four words, what would they be?
Observant, sensitive, empathetic and thoughtful.

If you could star in any movie or TV show, which one would it be?
Drive for a movie and Mr. Robot for a TV show. They are two of my favorite things!







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