Originally published in our Summer 2019 issue.

“FOR THE DREAMERS” ft. AJR – WINTER 2016 – ISSUE NO. 001 / reference image by AMANDA GOON
“BRAVE HEARTS” ft. CHRISTINA GRIMMIE – SPRING 2016 – ISSUE NO. 002 / reference image by ANNA ZHANG
“GO THERE” ft. CHLOE LUKASIAK – SUMMER 2016 – ISSUE NO. 003 / reference image by ANNA ZHANG
“FORCE OF NATURE” ft. LAUREN ELIZABETH – FALL 2016 – ISSUE NO. 004 / reference image by ANNA ZHANG
“THE NEXT WAVE” ft. MEG DONNELLY – WINTER 2017 – ISSUE NO. 005 / reference image by ANNA ZHANG
“THE VOICE OF WOMEN” ft. JENNA ORTEGA – SPRING 2017 – ISSUE NO. 006 / reference image by ANNA ZHANG
“REVOLUTION” ft. MACHINE GUN KELLY – SUMMER 2017 – ISSUE NO. 007 / reference image by ANNA ZHANG
“COURAGE” ft. YUNA – FALL 2017 – ISSUE NO. 008 / reference image by ASHLEY KIM
“LEADERS” ft. KARLIE KLOSS – SPRING 2018 – ISSUE NO. 010 / reference image by EXPRESS
“UNRETOUCHED” ft. LANA CONDOR – FALL 2018 – ISSUE NO. 012 / reference image by ANNA ZHANG
“MINDSET” ft. ARIEL WINTER – WINTER 2019 – ISSUE NO. 013 / reference image by ALLEGRA MESSINA
“IDENTITY” ft. JANEL PARRISH – SPRING 2019 – ISSUE NO. 014 / reference image by DERRICK FRESKE
“EVOLUTION” ft. SASHA PIETERSE – SUMMER 2019 – ISSUE NO. 015 / reference image by RAUL ROMO
“IGNITE: THE BOOK” ft. CAMERON BOYCE / reference image by ANNA ZHANG

Meet Kendall Wisniewski, the 19-year-old digital artist from Northern Michigan behind this illustration project!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Oh boy, cue the existential crisis. I’m a digital artist who doesn’t get enough sleep and drinks way too much coffee but is somehow still doing alright. I tend to dance to myself a lot, even when there’s no music playing, and I take great pride in my rainbow bookshelves… which I’ve only read about half of. I always have earbuds in, and lately, have been spending far more time on TikTok than any sane person should (Don’t judge me. It’s addictive). But I think most of all, I’m just someone who really loves art in all its forms and wants to help share it with the world. 

How would you describe your artwork?
I once said in an Instagram caption that I don’t really think I have an art style, but that I’m just really lazy, and I still think that’s true. My work is quite fast, messy, and often a bit chaotic, but I really like the imperfection that comes with that. According to my followers, I’m most known for my strange color schemes, my sketchy lines, and what we refer to as “cheek circles.” But generally, I’m just slapping colors on a (digital) canvas and hoping they look good. It seems to be working out okay so far. 

My work is quite fast, messy, and often a bit chaotic, but I really like the imperfection that comes with that.

Why do you love creating art?
There’s a couple of reasons. Firstly, I like the process itself and the fact that I can get really lost in making a piece. There’s also such an incredible community of artists who are so supportive and inspiring on social media that I really love being a part of. Like I mentioned before, I really like art, and by extension, I really like artists. Most of the people I draw are musicians, photographers, actors, and other creators that I really like, which gives me a great channel to share their work and show appreciation through my own art. Making and posting my work has given me so many amazing opportunities to connect and work with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and I’m really grateful for that. 

You once shared on your Instagram story that Pulse Spikes was one of your favorite magazines! Why do you like about Pulse Spikes?
It really feels like the little magazine that could. I think it’s so incredible that so much talent is packed into this one small publication that not enough people know about. It’s like a hidden gem. From the writers to the photographers, to the design, and the people featured, everyone involved with Pulse Spikes really knows what they’re doing, and I’m always so impressed. Plus, as a creative young person who is fascinated by other creative young people, it’s so nice to see a magazine solely dedicated to boosting young voices and providing a platform for artists that truly deserve it. 

What was your favorite part about working on this project for Pulse Spikes?
I have two favorite parts, actually. Firstly, I have never worked on a project with so much variety. In the 16 illustrations I made, I got the opportunity to draw people on all ends of the spectrum and was really pushed out of my comfort zone. It kept it really fresh to be able to bounce between different genders, races, poses, and lighting situations. But also, I really appreciated how much creative freedom I had. When Anna approached me about this project, I was sure I’d be limited in some way, but I really ended up having free reign of all of the colors, fonts, and doodles that I could ever want. I’m really glad that even though I was doing art for Pulse Spikes, I was still able to make it look like my work. 

Do you have a favorite Pulse Spikes feature?
Hmm…well visually, I’m obsessed with the Janel Parrish feature. I mean, COME ON. I’ve been a fan of Derrick Freske’s work for like six years and knew he was a force of nature, but that set absolutely blew me away. Besides that, I’m a huge AJR fan as well so going back to read that feature was a really fun time. But, if you’re asking what my favorite feature to draw was, the answer is 110% the Machine Gun Kelly cover. I’m really really happy with how that one came out.



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