Can you describe yourself in three words?

Motivated, Active, Self Starter

Can you describe your WWE alter-ego, Summer Rae, in three words?
Self Absorbed, Sassy, Opportunist

How do you get into character before a match?
Honestly, I don’t think about it. I don’t get in the zone, I am focusing more on my match. It all comes naturally to me. My character is so opposite of who I am, that I have fun with it! It’s one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.

What did you want to be when you were young?
When I was young I wanted to be a geneticist. I have no idea why, but in seventh grade I took a genetics science class and that’s what I wanted to be. I thought it was fascinating!

How did you get into professional football?
When I went to college and quit my desk job in North Carolina, I moved to Chicago and had heard of Lingerie Football. I did some research and went to an open try out. I bonded with them and ultimately became a captain. I joined the league at a really good time and was part of one of the first games in Chicago, before it came on MTV. The opportunity lined up well for me.

How did you get your start in WWE?
I was working in Chicago at a Comicon and one girl came up to me and said that on her break she went and saw a WWE booth. I met Jerry the King Lawler and talked to him about how to become a WWE Superstar.Ultimately, I decided to play football for one more year. Once I decided to change my career path, I bought tickets to Raw, contacted Jerry Lawler to get backstage and submitted my paperwork.

What’s the hardest thing about being in WWE?
The hardest thing about being in WWE is being on the road and traveling. We are on the road more than any professional sports team in America and that means missing birthdays and holidays. It’s a life you live on the road and sometimes that’s really hard but once you step on the stage and hear the fans it becomes worth it.

What does your diet look like? Any advice for healthy eating?
As far as my diet goes I am very active and always on the go. It’s very important to eat five meals a day to keep my metabolism going. I try to eat my bodyweight in protein. It’s hard to do that just with meat, I try to incorporate a protein shake within thirty minutes of working out at the gym. I eat good carbs, oatmeal in the morning and good carbs like sweet potato with whole grain rice and quinoa. Those are the carbs that work well for me! Also healthy fats are important. I LOVE avocado. It is a good fat and it is filling. Water Water Water. Getting into the summertime you can see the difference in your hair nails and skin when you drink enough water. Stay hydrated!

What’s your favorite beauty trend at the moment?
I love a good highlight! It’s been a trend for a while, but even if I’m feeling lazy and just put on mascara, sometimes I’ll just add a little highlight to give it that extra something.

You are such a powerful, strong role model for girls in fitness and sports. How do you see women shaping the future of sports?
Right now, it is so amazing to be a woman in sports. There have always been such amazing role models in sports. For example, the Williams Sisters have been two people that I’ve always looked up to and admired. They are strong, confident women. Rhonda Rousey is also someone who is amazing! She has single handedly changed women in sports and the demand to see a woman mainstream a pay-per-view. She’s amazing! I see that now is the time for the women! Women are being taken seriously and are on the same level as men.


Words by Liam Curtis
Photos by Riley Taylor

Originally published in Volume II, Issue No. 002 – Spring 2017.

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