After a long year at school, a couple of weeks to relax were much needed. Last December my dad and I did a road trip in order to get to a Tree House Community down in the south, along the ride we saw many of Costa Rica’s beautiful sceneries. Let’s travel through time and see if you get inspired and wonder what you are still doing at home!

Starting from Guanacaste in the northwestern part of the country, along the Pacific Ocean, we spent one week in a village called Nosara near Samara and Nicoya. The climate is really hot with little rain from November to April, and from May to October the climate is similar to that of San José, consisting of moderate temperatures.

The beaches are one of main attractions, surfers specially love Playa Guiones for the excellent wave length, however, if you are new to surfing and want to try it, there are numerous places that offer courses, or even a one day lesson. Playa Pelada is more intimate, but just as nice. Tourists can enjoy horseback riding along the beach. If you’re more interested in relaxation and maybe even a nice yoga class, heading to Guiones you can find the beautiful Yoga Institute with different classes everyday.

 In Nosara there are numerous restaurants with different cuisine options, from local to Sweden, French, Italian, German… you will never miss a good meal. Some popular names near the region are Casa Romántica, Guilded the Iguana, Harbour Riff, and Café Paris. Many nosareños will tell you that there are not other sunsets like the ones in Playa Pelada, and I couldn’t agree more.

We then packed our bags and drove down to Jacó, located in Puntarenas in the western part of the country. The climate is more humid and hot, but take your umbrellas because you never know when it may rain! The beaches are more crowded and have more of a Caribbean vibe. We stayed just one night in a little hotel, however, Jacó offers a variety of hotels, B&B, hostels, resorts, casinos, lodges, and villas.

The next day, driving through Quepos, we visited Manuel Antonio National Park. It offers a beautiful landscape with a biodiversity of 6.83 km2 despite its relative small size when compared to other National Parks. We ate lunch at a restaurant called “El Avión” (The Airplane). It has a military plane right in the middle of the restaurant, with a disco and a bar inside of it.

We finally made it to our main destination: Finca Bellavista. An isolated finca located in Piedras Blancas with different types of tree-houses, some offer electricity while other’s don’t. At base camp they offer all meals and the only internet connection. It’s a very wild environment.

They offer different activities from zip lining and hiking, to swimming in an immaculate river and waterfall with clear blue water. The climate was humid with rains throughout the day. The mornings were ideal for a hike (be careful with a boa). At base camp you can order a lunch to go so your adventure won’t be disturbed.

 At 4:00pm they offer a “Happy Hour” for the guests to enjoy drinks and converse with other, at dinner all the guests reunite at base camp, or others can cook if their treehouse offers a kitchen. Sadly our two “disconnected days” were over. We were heading north again to get to San José (Capital).

The staff was very helpful and they found another hotel called “Mirador de Osa” with a magnificent view and cozy bungalows, though small, full of life.

 Our final destination was approaching. Tired of the heat and damped clothes we decided we wanted to go a mountain with a colder weather, once more we took our suitcases and arrived at San Gerardo de Dota in Cartago.

We stayed at Trogon Lodge. The minute we got to our room we changed our shorts for jeans and T-shirts for sweaters. The Trogon Lodge offers horseback riding and hiking, however, the main attraction is bird watching, specifically the quetzals, known for their beautiful and long tail. The region is abundant in trout , making it the chef’s specialty. Back in our room we turned the heater on! How ironic and wonderful?

Finally we made it back so San José, with a rewarding experience. As mentioned above, Costa Rica offers many attractions for different interests.Deciding where to go for your next vacation—whether you’re going solo or with family— might be a difficult task, after all, there are many beautiful places around the world, but I hope you consider Costa Rica for your next destination, you might be surprised at the adventures you will experience.

Words and Photos by Michaella Eidsness

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