Charlie Xavier, also known by his YouTube channels “WOLFIE” and “EVERYDAYWOLFIE,” talks about how he finds inspiration for his videos.

For those who may not know too much about you, tell us a little about what you do!
My name is Charles Raynor! I make YouTube videos for a living, but I would like to consider myself as an overall entertainer. I make daily vlogs, as well as challenges, and other funny videos that find fun to do myself… Everything that has come from it is just a bonus.

Your energy is incredible. How do you maintain it from start to finish of the video?
In general, I am a very loud and energetic person. It’s pretty easy to raise my energy a level higher for the videos. Caffeine is my best friend. I drink a lot of Red Bull and coffee. I don’t really get tired from filming unless I’m doing multiple videos in a day.

How do you choose your “victims” of the pranks? Do fans ask or is it random?
Sometimes my fans ask, but then other times someone annoys me and I feel the need to get them back. Usually my parents are the victims because they do something that I don’t like, and they are always good sports about them in the end.

Where do you pull your ideas for your pranks and challenges?
A lot of my ideas come from YouTube itself. I’m on the platform 24/7, whether it be to watch a video, upload a video, check up on my subscriptions, or do something else. I find the best way to come up with ideas is to take inspiration from a few of the favorite videos that you’ve seen, and then put your own twist on it, to make it original. I’m usually taking everything I do to the extreme.

I saw you challenged Jake and Logan Paul to a fight in a recent video. Obviously, there’s a lot of news around the two brothers. What kind of attention did that video gain, and how did you deal with it?
The video was honestly for fun. My friend Deji was in town and I hadn’t done a skit type video in a while. It was more just to screw around, and then challenge them to a boxing match because I think it would be so fun. There wasn’t a serious bone in my body when I was filming it.

How do you deal with negative attention or comments?
I ignore it. Everyone is going to have haters. Paying attention to the negativity will only bring you down. I only like to focus on positive comments/fans, and uplifting comments.

Has a prank ever turned bad, and if so, how did you fix the problem?
The short answer to this question is YES. I have had many pranks backfire on me. I think that adds to the realness of my pranks though. If it goes wrong, I make sure to film it. If I can’t fix it, I just say I can’t fix it, and try my best to come up with a backup plan. I honestly think some of my best pranks are the ones that go terribly wrong. They are the funniest.

Let’s say someone feels they don’t have a passion. How do you suggest they go about discovering one?
Try new things. You never know you don’t like something until you try it yourself. There is no easy way to discover what you love aside from being open minded. A lot of my passions I recently discovered through trying new things. Life is too short to be close minded. Get out there and find what you love. Don’t settle.

Life is too short to be close minded. Get out there and find what you love. Don’t settle.

What’s an issue you see in current social media, and how do you think we can fix it?
One issue that I’ve realized is that most big social medias promote pages with big followings. This is a problem because smaller channels never get any recognition. This upsets me because I’ve seen too much talent never get recognized. I always do what I can to push people that I know deserve a bigger following. I think this can simply be fixed through a change in the algorithm, however I don’t see this happening any time soon unfortunately.

Let’s say YouTube is shutting down tomorrow. What do you want your last video to be focused around?
Something involving music. That is why I started YouTube, and I feel like I’ve drifted away from it. That is one of my main passions, so I would definitely want to integrate music in some way into my final video.



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