12-year-old Raegan Revord plays Missy Cooper on the hit CBS comedy Young Sheldon. Revord shares with us how she is staying creative at home in quarantine, some small businesses she is supporting during these times, and gives us some entertainment recommendations.

Let’s take care of each other, be kind to each other, and spread some love. We will get through this!

Tell us a little about yourself!
I’m 12 years old and an only child. I grew up in San Diego. I moved to LA about three and a half years ago. I got into this business when I was around four. I started modeling and doing commercials. After seeing myself on TV, I asked my parents how I could be in movies and TV shows so they got me a manager and I guest-starred on some pretty popular shows before I landed the role of Missy Cooper on Young Sheldon. Aside from acting, I’m writing and looking to produce some projects. I love reading, and I want to inspire others to read too, so I started a monthly book club on my Instagram. I love doing anything outside! Biking, hiking, taking my dogs for a walk. It’s always so beautiful here, and it makes you want to be outdoors. I love to laugh and to make other people laugh!

Where are you currently quarantining?
I am quarantining in LA with my parents and dogs.

How are you doing in quarantine?
I’m actually really busy. I’m still doing school with my teacher four hours a day so that’s a big chunk of my time. After school, I usually try to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. I practice my music lessons every day. I’m staying connected with my friends and family by FaceTiming and playing with them on the switch. I’ve been binging a lot of movies here lately… I’ve started keeping a quarantine movie journal. Ooh. I’ve been building robots with my dad! So far we’ve built three. We made an R2D2 robot that’s super cool! I control them on my iPad.

Raegan’s Stay Home Recommendations

Small businesses to support:
1) Skylight Books: It’s always a good idea to support small book stores because I feel like they struggle up against the bigger chains.
2) Lady and Larder: My family and I have been ordering a lot from Lady and Larder during the quarantine. They have great food and they are trying to help other vendors by selling their CSA boxes from farmers, flowers, and the yummiest pizza kits!
3) Carolyn Suzuki Goods: She has the most beautiful art and stationery. Cute pins that I like to put on my guitar case. She also supports different causes and supports females.

Movies to watch:
1) The Truman Show: Jim Cary is amazing! This is a good movie to watch with your family.
2) The Money Pit: I literally laughed out loud during this movie! Tom Hanks and Shelly Long are gold!
3) Troop Beverly Hills: Another Shelly Long movie! What can I say, she’s hilarious! This movie is full of funny adventures.

Books to read:
1) Lost in Shangri-La: I love historical fiction books! This is a great book about adventure and survival.
2) The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane: This book is full of suspense! I couldn’t put it down. Bonus, there’s a second book!
3) They Went Left: Set in Germany during the Holocaust about a family separated. This is a beautiful, but heartbreaking story.

Ways I’m staying creative at home:
1) I’ve been playing a ton of music! Singing, piano, guitar, and ukulele. It makes me happy!
2) I’m learning French! Bonjour, restez en bonne santé et en sécurité!
3) Now that I have all this free time it gives me a chance to focus on my writing. I’m finishing up on a small series that I’m working on for the cast and crew of our show.

Tips for self-care:
1) Get outside (safely) as much as you can. It’s good for your mental health.
2) I like to soak in a bath and read a few times a week. My mom got me some floral bath salts from Etsy that’s super relaxing and a pillow for my tub.
3) I have four dogs that bring me a lot of happiness and love. If you don’t have an animal, now is a great time to foster!

A positive message:
I know everyone is saying this right now, but it’s so true. We really are all in this together. Let’s take care of each other, be kind to each other, and spread some love. We will get through this! Also, stay home.




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