Actress Hassie Harrison plays Lucy McConky on truTV’s Tacoma FD. Harrison shares with us her self-care tips, gives us some entertainment recommendations, and reminds us to smile and spread positivity to others.

Tell us a little about yourself!
Hi. My name is Hassie Harrison. (Hassie is a family name in case you were wondering.)  I’m an actor, and you can currently find me fighting fires on Tacoma FD, riding horses in this upcoming season of Yellowstone, and gaming my heart out in Max Reload and the Nether Blasters in theaters later this year.  

Where are you currently quarantining?
I am currently quarantining with family in Texas, where I grew up. I am lucky enough to have a place way out in the country with dogs, horses, cows, pigs, and goats to keep me company.  

How are you doing in quarantine?
Like most people, each day is unique.  Sometimes the weight of the world hangs heavy on my heart. But I try refocusing on love, hope, and how I can be of service. Doing so always brings me back to my center, and we all need a sense of balance more than ever right now.  

Hassie’s Stay Home Recommendations

Supporting local businesses:
1) Local farms are hurting right now. They rely on restaurants and farmer’s markets to utilize their harvests. I would encourage people to consider signing up for a local farm or CSA box.
2) Make an effort to buy provisions from local specialty and general stores if you are healthy and able. Family-owned businesses are struggling to compete with the “Amazonfication” of the world at the moment.
3) Another way to protect your local businesses is to spread the word! My local diner almost closed but when social-media caught wind of it, the amount of business they received, kept them from going under. 

Movies to watch:
1) Step Brothers: This movie makes me laugh endlessly. I find myself drawn to comedies right now and also things I already know and love. It’s like listening to music you know the lyrics to.  Familiarity offers comfort in uncertain times.
2) A Prophet (French: Un Prophète): This is one of my favorite foreign films. It is a true work of art. Although it may be on the heavier side, it’s a prison film, it completely pulls you in—and not just because you have to read subtitles. Laughs. There’s also a beautiful metaphor that lends itself to current times about how well Malik, the main character, uses his “downtime” to educated and develop himself.
3) Legends of the Fall: Talk about a classic! I can recite almost every line from this movie…but then again, I’m wildly romantic about the Wild West. I remember curling up in front of the TV and watching this with my three sisters as a little girl. I’d also say this is Brad Pitt at his finest, minus his abs in Fight Club

Books to read:
1) The Great Gatsby: I just read this book again for the fifth time. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. A quick, accessible read that’s sure to cast a spell.
2) The Unbearable Lightness of Being: An incredibly deep, meaningful, and poetic book. This book changed my life and I love recommending it to people that seek a deeper meaning of the human experience. A worthy, adventurous read for all inquisitive minds
3) Beautiful Ruins: This book will make you feel like you’re on a European vacation while you’re actually in lockdown, stuck on your couch. It begins on the Italian Riviera in the 1960s and harkens back to a bygone Hollywood era that I’ve always had a romantic fascination with. It’s lively and entertaining with a very satisfying ending. 

Ways to stay creative at home:
1) I’ve been learning to pick around on the guitar a bit because you know—a girls gotta work on her coolness factor and general badassery.
2) I’ve been riding a lot and practicing my roping skills. Nothing makes me happier than racing my horse through the woods.
3) I’ve also been using this time to write. I am working on producing my own material and it’s nice having this time to focus and be creative. I’ve also been journaling, I know I’ll want to look back, and remember these unprecedented times. 

Tips for self-care:
1) I am a big proponent of Breathwork and Cold Therapy (showers, or plunges if you’re brave enough). Without a cure to this virus, as of yet, a good way to protect ourselves is to focus on building our immune systems, and these two practices are scientifically proven to help. The work that Wim Hoff, aka the Iceman, is doing is nothing short of incredible. Since practicing these methods, I’ve noticed an increase in my ability to handle adversity and a higher tolerance to being comfortable with what makes me uncomfortable.
2) Nothing. Practice doing nothing. This is a pandemic, not a productivity contest. Lay around. Stare at the ceiling. Let yourself get silly and goofy then take a nap wrapped up in your softest blankets. It’s all good medicine to practice not adhering to the attention economy. Just follow wherever your heart leads you.
3) Music. I always use music to shift my emotional state (especially on set). Maybe take this time to find some new music or put together a cozy playlist. This morning I was blasting 70’s rock while making breakfast tacos and I felt pretty damn good about that whole experience. 

A positive message you’d like to share with our readers:
The artist, Louise Bourgeois, said how important it is to smile at a stranger when you walk by them in the street.  That when they smile back at you, you both receive good energy. This idea rings truer than ever to me now, especially in these uncertain times. Try to smile at others (even if you’ve got a mask on, they’ll see it in your eyes) because we’re going through this together and we could all use some extra grace and humanity right now.



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